Tips on How to Hire an Employee from Our First 10 Podcast Episodes – Part 1 of 5

Last week, we released the tenth episode of the Down2theHire Podcast.  While it really isn’t that big of an accomplishment, it does take a lot of work to put even one five minute episode together.  So, we’re going to take a breather this week and reflect on our first ten episodes by sharing with you two tips per day on how to hire an employee that we learned from our first ten podcast episodes.

Tip #1 On How to Hire An Employee: Proceed with extreme caution when hiring close family or friends

how to hire an employee tip #1: maybe hiring your crazy uncle eddie isn't the best idea

Tip #1 on how to hire an employee: maybe hiring crazy Uncle Eddie isn’t the best idea. Courtesy of tedmurphy on Flickr.

In our first episode on Nepotism, we interviewed  John Geffel, managing partner of Value:Driven Group.  When pressed about whether or not to even consider hiring close family or friends, John recommends avoiding it because it is soooooooo difficult to do well.  But, if you are going to toe the nepotism line, John advises that you:

  • Start with the needs of the business and clearly define the needs and requirements of the role or position that you’re planning on having a family-member or friend fill.
  • Don’t just interview the one family member, but get people from outside the business involved in the recruiting and hiring process.
  • Get decision-makers and managers who aren’t related to the family involved in the hiring process, and make it abundantly clear to them that they’re not obligated to hire the family member or friend.

Tip #2 On How to Hire An Employee: Get involved with professional groups and forums related to the positions that you’ll be hiring for

In week 2: When Nontechnical People Have to Hire Technical PeopleBrian Glick, Vice President of Global Information Systems for Vandegrift Forwarding Company, joined the show to discuss how he goes about recruiting and hiring technical people for areas outside of his expertise.

Brian invites his staff to get involved with the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process.  He encourages them to join and participate in different forums and groups within their areas of expertise – such as user groups and technical communities.  This gets them meeting peers with a variety of technical skills and knowledge, and referring the best ones to Brian when job opportunities arise.

Brian also recommends that nontechnical managers start participating in technical forums (e.g. or local user groups.  This gives them a chance to get to know the most knowledgable, engaging, and capable technical people and professionals ahead of time, so they have a pool of qualified candidates to draw from when new positions open up.

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