Tips on How to Hire an Employee from our First 10 Podcast Episodes – Part 5 of 5

how to hire an employee for social media positions

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This is the 5th post in a series of 5 on the top 10 things we’ve learned from hiring experts we’ve interviewed during the first 10 episodes of the Down2theHire Podcast.

In yesterday’s post, Tips on How to Hire an Employee from our First 10 Podcast Episodes – Part 4 of 5, we focused on what to look for when hiring salespeople.  Today’s top two hiring tips are centered around hiring for social media positions.

Tip # 9 on How to Hire an Employee: For social media positions, it is all about, “What have you done lately?”

In week 9, we interviewed Nick Eubanks, VP of Digital Strategy for W.L. Snook & Associates – a digital holdings company, about what he looks for in social media candidates.  Nick pointed out that a lot of people can say that they “do social media,” but for most people that means posting a few updates on Linekdin, Facebook, or Twitter.  But these activities aren’t really leveraging these social tools to expand a brand or grow a business.  Nick wants to hire candidates for social media manager or community manager positions that have actually manged and created profitable campaigns for businesses, organizations, or causes.

Tip #10 on How to Hire an Employee: Make sure social media candidates are technical fits first

When asked about the mistakes that companies make when hiring for social media positions, Nick was quick to point out that a lot of companies put a premium on finding someone who’s a great culture fit at the expense of making sure the person is a solid technical fit.

In our week 10, the second part of our interview with Nick, he said, “I think technical has to come first in my opinion.  The person can be a fantastic cultural fit, everyone likes them and they get along, and they believe in what the business believes in, but if they don’t have the technical chops to do their job at the end of the day, they’re not going to be effective.”

Listen to the second part of the interview with Nick on hiring for social media positions here.

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