How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect My Small Business?

With the Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act last Thursday, everyone’s asking, “How will this affect me?” For small business owners and executives, here are three questions that will help you determine how much money the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will save or cost you. 1. Does your business have less than […]

REWORK Hiring.

Why Hire? REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is the blunt common-sense business book that you have to add to your May 14th reading list! This book will immediately get you thinking and doing differently about your business or job in a way that leads to higher profitability, productivity and satisfaction. Rework gets […]

Killer Interview Tips

Started following Jeff Haden’s Owners’ Manual column on, and here are some great interview tips from two recent posts on interviewing, 7 Fatal Interview Mistakes and 4 Vital Interview Questions to Ask: Make candidates comfortable and help them relax during interviews.  Haden writes, “When candidates seem nervous or uncomfortable, give them the benefit of […]

Lessons in Hiring and Business from Dick Clark

This morning I heard about the death of Dick Clark, “America’s oldest teenager” who made rock and roll mainstream with “American Bandstand,” and helped us usher in the New Year at Times Square for the past 40 years. Every morning, I listen to The Wall Street Journal This Morning with Gordon Deal, and today TJ Walker was being asked […]

Screen out the Liars

You just wrapped up your fourth interview.  The four candidates all have decent resumes and gave you favorable impressions during their interviews. One or two of them are probably liars. I wish I was lying, but the harsh truth is that 25% to 50% of candidates misrepresent themselves on their resumes and during the hiring process. Besides […]

When Employees Go Berserk…

It’s been a stressful period for everyone at work, especially in your department.  The quarter’s coming to an end and everyone’s scrambling to hit their numbers.  Suddenly, Jack, a first-year employee slams the phone down, flings his chair across the open office, and works himself into an angry white-collar frenzy: throwing office supplies, ripping his computer […]

Moneyball or Moneyhire: Hire on Intelligence

I recently saw the movie Moneyball, in which Brad Pitt plays Oakland Athletic’s GM Billie Bean who pulled together a competitive MLB team on a shoe string budget in 2002.  Billie found a statistics wiz-kid who helped him identify the undervalued KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to look for in ball players. With this approach, Billie […]

A 4 Point Checklist for a Healthy Recruiter–Hiring Manager Relationship

Guest post by Joel Capperella. Joel is Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions with Yoh, a provider of staffing solutions including recruitment process outsourcing and social media recruiting strategies. Joel is also a regular contributor at The Seamless Workforce, a blog that covers the latest workforce news, and provides expert insight on staffing industry trends.  My company recently commissioned a study […]

Spring Ahead with These Hiring Tips

2 Tips to Help You Spring Ahead in Your Hiring Process 1. Start with the End in Mind. This tip comes from Eric Herrenkohl’s book How to Hire A-Players. First, start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself, what business outcomes do I want to achieve from a successful hire, and then work backwards from […]