Hiring Social Media Managers and Community Managers – Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – Part I

In this week’s episode of the Down2theHire Podcast, Nick Eubanks, VP of Digital Strategy for W.L. Snook & Associates – a digital holdings company, joins the show to discuss how he efficiently hires social media managers and community managers.

Social Media Managers versus Community Managers

social media manager or community manager?

Would this person make a better social media manager or community manager? Nick Eubanks explains this difference in this week’s podcast.

Nick defines the social media manager as someone who makes sure the brand is consistent across all social media channels – being sure the fonts, colors, logo, campaigns all have a consistent look and feel, and are error free.  In short, social media managers are content managers for social media.

Community managers are focused on engaging with the people who are using and contributing content to the company’s site and social media profiles.  The community manager responds to emails, comments, and questions, and drives the conversations that people are having through the relevant social media channels.

Therefore, when hiring for community managers, Nick is looking for outgoing people, who have developed a clear voice and personality online that jives with the business.

What is “doing social media”?

Nick often wonders what people mean when they say that they can “do social media?”  If that means simply posting updates on Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter then they probably don’t know how to leverage these tools to expand a brand or grow a business.

Nick points out that the key is finding social media managers and community managers that have actually managed and created profitable campaigns for businesses, organizations, or causes.  The most successful campaigns, Nick says, are when people have creatively solved a problem through either gathering information that is spread out across the web in many different places, or providing a more comprehensive view on something that has been only covered in bits and pieces up to that point.

Also, tune in next week for Part II of our interview with Nick.

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