Lessons on Hiring & Firing from Ray Bixler, CEO of SkillSurvey

Went to Venturef0rth, a co-working space in Philadelphia, to hear Ray Bixler, President & CEO of SkillSurvey, speak on hiring and firing to build your dream team. Ray highlighted some tried and true hiring techniques and practices, while also bringing to light some newer tools and approaches: Leverage employee referrals: Your employees are well equipped judges of […]

Screen out the Liars

You just wrapped up your fourth interview.  The four candidates all have decent resumes and gave you favorable impressions during their interviews. One or two of them are probably liars. I wish I was lying, but the harsh truth is that 25% to 50% of candidates misrepresent themselves on their resumes and during the hiring process. Besides […]

What’s One Thing You Must Screen Applicants For?

The answer is simple: work ethic. Focusing your screening and interviewing efforts on determining each applicant’s work ethic is the single best thing you can do to hire people who: Need less supervision. Are team players. Are more productive. Will have a longer tenure with your organization. Fali Huang and Peter Cappellie, in “Applicant Screening […]

Don’t Hire Splinters!

Walking into my apartment the other night, I felt this sharp pain in my left heel.  I had felt subtle pain throughout the week, but on this night I was compensating for it with each step. I went into the bathroom, sat on the wall of the tub, and examined the bottom of my foot. […]