Affordable Pre-Employment Testing Options for Small Business

On Monday’s podcast on Pre-Employment Testing for Small Business, we talked with Dr. Jesse Llobet, Industrial Psychologist and President of Psymetrics, who explained that small businesses should start using pre-employment testing for the following reasons: Research proves that pre-employment assessments tend to be three to four times more predictive (of how well a candidate will perform on […]

Hiring To Dos and To Don’ts from Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson, in Steve Jobs, paints an amazingly honest portrait of the man who could be argued to have had the most significance on our 21st century lives. In Isaacson’s biography, we can draw plenty of entrepreneurial, managerial, and personal lessons from the life of Steve Jobs.  In this post, here are some hiring-specific “to dos” […]

August’s Hiring Roundup

Check out our list of August’s top five hiring articles from around the web.  These articles cover every aspect of the hiring process: from deciding whether or not you need to hire… to asking the best interview questions… to cutting your losses when you’ve made a bad hire. 1. Hope? When hiring, it can be […]