REWORK Hiring.

Why Hire? REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson is the blunt common-sense business book that you have to add to your May 14th reading list! This book will immediately get you thinking and doing differently about your business or job in a way that leads to higher profitability, productivity and satisfaction. Rework gets […]

Spring Ahead with These Hiring Tips

2 Tips to Help You Spring Ahead in Your Hiring Process 1. Start with the End in Mind. This tip comes from Eric Herrenkohl’s book How to Hire A-Players. First, start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself, what business outcomes do I want to achieve from a successful hire, and then work backwards from […]

How to do a Job Analysis for FREE

Last week, Lori Goldsmith, senior HR business partner at Tomlin Staffing wrote about how the #1 recruiting mistake that hiring mangers make is not understanding the real job.  Before spending hundreds of dollars and hours on job postings and interviews, she wrote, “first you must understand your organization’s ‘real’ needs.” Lori went onto recommend conducting a […]

Know Thy-Job You’re Hiring For!

This is a guest post by Lori S. Goldsmith, SPHR, GPHR, senior HR business partner at Tomlin Staffing, follow her tweets @HeartofHR. The Cost of Poor Hires and Why Working with Recruiters Make Sense The impact of poor hires and turnover on business results can undermine an organizations ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.  […]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice… to Hire an A-Player

Do you have a Wouldn’t It Be Nice list at work? Wouldn’t it be nice to consistently be blogging? Wouldn’t it be nice to research this topic or research that technology? Wouldn’t it be nice to do a better job managing my network or email database? I do! I have list of things I’d like […]