Feel like you’re winging your hiring process – squeezing it into an already hectic work schedule?

The Down2theHire Podcast is here to help you hire the right people onto your bus.

Don’t know what you’re looking for, how to write a job description, or what questions to ask during screening calls and interviews?

The Down2theHire Podcast is here to help you through the most critical business action you perform as a manager – getting the right people on the bus.

Each week on the Down2theHire Podcast, Dave and Everett will be discussing the latest hiring and recruiting issues and solutions that owners, executives, and managers in small businesses need to be aware of and put into practice.  Additionally, each week, the Down2theHire Podcast will be welcoming a guest HR, hiring, and/or recruiting expert to deliver some actionable insights that you’ll be able to implement immediately as you build your business.

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About the Co-Hosts

profheadshotEverett Reiss, co-host of the Down2theHire Podcast, has been automating and streamlining the recruiting and hiring processes of staffing firms through the United States.  Everett has spent the last two-years researching, developing and implementing best practice hiring solutions for small to mid-size businesses.


davereiss(b&w)Dave Reiss is CEO and founder of a technology and professional services company that has helped staffing firms re-engineer their business processes and deploy the appropriate supporting technology.  Dave has recently joined Everett in developing best practice hiring content and solutions for small to mid-size businesses.

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    • Thanks Mel for offering up some quality hiring content worth passing along to our readers.

      Let me know if you’d be interested in doing a guest blog post on Down2theHire.com at some point.

      Everett Reiss

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